VELOCITY STACK S&S 2.5" Alloy Aluminum Super "E" & "G" Carbs




S&S air horns are fully machined from light weight alloy aluminum castings. Each air horn comes with three mounting screws.

Short. . . .17-0331

Long. . . .17-0333


  • S&S recommends that air horns be used in racing applications
    only as they do not provide the filtration required to protect the
    engine on a day to day basis.
  • Any installation of an air horn on an S&S carb in place of an air cleaner requires an S&S carb support bracket, 16-0471, to securely fasten the carb to the engine. This bracket is included in the air horn conversion kits.
  • S&S recommends that bowl vent plug in bottom of carb body be
    removed when air horn is installed, as air horn may obstruct bowl vent
    in air cleaner mounting surface of carb body.

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