ROCKER COVERS Finned EVO All 1340 : Polished or Chromed : SET of 2


Option #1: CCE Evo Rocker Finish POLISHED


As you probably know CUSTOM CYCLE ENGINEERING are the originators of finned rocker covers for Evos, just as they
originated them for Panheads 30 years ago.
usual, the copiers have struck again but our covers are
noted for certain features the imported copies cannot achieve. These
features include a guaranteed fit on each and every model, and they are
compatible with the very latest breather system (early breathers too).
In addition, our covers have adequate clearance for all factory frames.
Since we fully machine our finned rocker covers from domestic aircraft
grade aluminum alloy billets, they are not subject to warpage and oil
seepage as the die-cast imported copies. Here is a definite case of
getting what you pay for.

machines the underside of our covers for additional clearance which will
accommodate virtually any high-lift cam. And finally the finish, be it
polished or chromed, is unsurpassed on our covers. Polished stainless
button-head allen screws and washers are included.
(Pictured is Chrome Finish)

**NOTE / These are just the top covers and come in a set.

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