CCE WIDE Glide Triple Trees : Fits Stock Harley


Wide Glide Options: 39mm W/G Conversion - Fits all '88-99 FXR & XL


All of our "Conversion Triple Trees"
come equipped with upper and lower triple trees, an axle, two axle
spacers, one rotor spacer, a top nut cover and all the hardware to bolt
your assembly together. These trees come complete EXCEPT for these three items:

(1) FENDER SPACERS: (Mid-Glide or Wide-Glide)

If you want to run your stock Narrow-Glide fender.
(2) HEADLIGHT BRACKETS: Either you are going to run

the stock visor/ "eye-brow" or you are going to run

a headlight off the lower triple tree, there are a few

(3) EXTRA ROTOR SPACER: If you are running a dual disc

front end you need to order the extra rotor spacer
for the dual disc brakes (Mid-Glide or Wide-Glide).

All these parts are extra and need to be ordered if you want to run the
stock fender, headlight and or the stock dual disc brake system.


A Brief History

Custom Cycle Engineering started building custom triple trees back in the late 1960s.We developed one of the first narrow-glide and wide-glide billet steel triple trees on the custom market.We also introduced custom widths in those years with what we called 2" and 3" narrow 41mm triple trees.But our most successful triple tree design were certainly the 35mm wide-glide conversion.This
gave all the narrow-glide owners the opportunity to customize their
stock front ends without investing in a completely new fork.

The popularity of billet aluminum in the custom market turned our attention to this new medium.Now we offer the widest variety and fitment of aluminum triple trees on the market.Our line of trees covers all the standard Harley fork tube sizes and we have three different centerline widths:narrow-glide, mid-glide and wide-glide.Phil
Day at Daytec, one of the premium frame builders in the industry,
highly recommends the use of our triple tree products and uses them on
his personal bikes.

How They Work
We mill a pocket in the bottom of the top triple tree that accepts a hardened Quadrant.

All Custom Cycle Engineering Triple Trees come equipped with internal Fork Stops and Fork Locks.These are very important options when building a new front end and a concept that most manufacturers over-look.Our internal Fork Stop System is simply the best in the industry and has been used in over 2,500 applications.The Fork Stop System fits any frame on the market; stock Harley or custom.

Then we manufacture a custom Bearing Race that replaces the stock-bearing race.

next step in the assembly is to pull the stock-bearing race out of the
top frame neck and replace it with our Custom Bearing Race. The Custom Bearing Race has knurling and we supply a green Loctite 680 retaining compound.This holds the new custom race securely in place. After the Race has a chance to set-up in the frame the Triple Tree is ready for installation.

Fork Locks

Custom Cycle Engineering Triple Trees come with Fork Locks that the
end-user can run a pad lock through, just like the stock set-up.

As long as you know the year and model of your bike we can set you up with the proper fork lock for your frame.In the case ofDyna-Glides
or Dyna-Wide Glides our triple trees are fitted with the gash in
the tree stem and the customer uses the stock frame lock located on the
frame neck just like the stock set-up.For custom frames you can order trees with or without fork locks.

Like all our fine products the Billet Aluminum Triple Trees are a work of art.They always fit without any modification.The chrome is superb and fitment exact.

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