BAKER Outboard Bearing Support Billet


Bearing Support Model: Baker 6-4SSAP-A


For Baker 6-into4 Speeds with ear case. Running Motor plates removes the inner primary mainshaft bearing support. This induces stress on the mainshaft. The outside bearing support corrects that shortcoming.

Outside Bearing Support Assembly, Fits Baker 6N4 & 4-Speed Transmissions with -70 to -84 length, 1.0" Diameter Mainshafts.

Outside Bearing Support Assembly, Fits Baker 6N4 -70 to -84 length, 25mm (.984") Diameter Mainshafts.

BDL Open Belt Drive Applications:
Clutch Basket modification required for fitment. The back-side of the clutch basket needs to be machined down 0.100" for clearance between the Baker bearing support and the clutch basket.
BDL basket overall length (before modification) 3.552"
Modification Cut: .100" off back side
Total clearance between basket and support after installation: .070" - .080"

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