BAKER 4-Speed Transmission '36-'86 Big Twin




The introduction of the Knucklehead and the 4-speed in 1936 marked an 
epoch in the history of American motorcycles. Many consider the period
of 1936-84 the holy grail of Harley fuckin Davidson. To carry on that
legacy we developed the BAKER 4-speed, available with ratchet top or
jockey top lids. The external architecture of our cast (A356-T6) 4-speed
transmission case was modeled after factory cases to capture all the
details and character of the original design. But we made many
functional upgrades to address shortcomings of the original design like
leaks, serviceability, and durability. The loose rollers on the
main drive gear were replaced with a radial ball bearing. The bronze
bushings on the gearset were replaced with caged needle bearings. We
added a provision, hidden in the back of the case, for an electronic
speedo but retained the traditional worm gear speedo provision on the
front of the case. The stock Fred Flintstone shift detent was replaced
with a snot-slick linear ball bearing detent for that smooth snick-pop
shift quality you expect from us.

- Vintage sand cast (A356-T6) design that holds true to the original 1936 through mid 1980's.
- Hidden transmission vent designed into the Ratchet and Jockey Top covers
-Billet steel machined and case hardened shift systems (FL, FX and
N1) that rotate on Permaglide bushings, for a smooth repeatable shift
each time; see technical section.
- BAKER Klassic Gears come standard.
- Modern 4 speed gearset made out of 8620 gear steel.
- Gears ride on needle bearings, not bronze bushings.
- Vintage cast kicker cover with traditional H-D styled early (PN 37310-39) cone throw out bearing with 1 piece release rod.
- Direct bolt-in on most models; see technical section for instructions and 65-69 fitment.
- 5 Year limited warranty

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