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What sets these grips apart from the rest is that they are heavily flaked in actual colored Metal Flake. The UFO series only comes in ROCKCANDY flake ( ultimate saturation of flake) embedded in clear
urethane. These grips are absolutely beautiful and have an incredible reflective shimmer and are extremely brilliant in color. Although the
grips are heavily flaked; you can still slightly see through them to your handlebar. The thicker the grips the harder it is to see-through. When it comes to customized rubber grips; this is the top of the line.

Seven Sins Choppers "GALAXY GRIPS" TM are a throw back to the sixties chopper scene. These super sparkle metal-flake grips are made from high quality durable, semi-flexible, UV resistant rubber and fully ribbed for your gripping pleasure. The Galaxy Grips come in a plethora of custom colors in solids and semi-transparent configurations.These are a super cool way to
finish off your custom or stock bars. Handmade in the USA with pride.
Please contact us if you need a certain color that is not in our catalog
so we can help you bring your ride to that higher level.

The Galaxy Grips come in several custom colors and some within shades of
each other. The Honey is just a Deeper Nebula, the Amber is a Deeper
Honey and the Rootbeer is a deeper Amber etc. Since these are all
custom; colorant does slightly vary from set to set. If you plan on
ordering our Galaxy Pegs; it is best to do so with your grip order so we
can get you a matching set.


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